At Pitney Bowes, we deliver innovations that help clients navigate this complex and always evolving world of commerce—from helping them use data to market to the best customers, to efficiently enabling the sending of parcels and packages, to securing payments through statements and invoices. In everything we do, we deliver accuracy and precision to drive meaningful impact.
We deliver innovations that help clients navigate the complex world of commerce with meaningful impact.
Big or small. Physical or digital.
We deliver results securely and safely.
At Pitney Bowes, we enable the selling of products and services from your company to your customers.
From targeting your best customers and predicting what they want.
To making strategic business decisions based on location.
From crafting the right message through the right channel.
To printing and delivering impactful communication.
While removing the complexities of international shipping.
Driving commerce forward for more than 90 years
Put the right solutions to work for your business.
Global Ecommerce
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Customer Information Management
Improve your data insight and performance.

To making strategic business decisions based on location.

Location Intelligence
Gain business insights into specific places.

Customer Engagement
Speak to customers in a single voice across digital and physical channels.

Keep your business running smoothly with Shipping & Mailing solutions.

Remove the hurdles with our Global eCommerce software.