Save with Business Mail Advanced

Business Mail Advanced is a simple way of making substantial savings on your postage costs.

If your business sends 250 or more letters of the same class to addresses in the UK, then you can reduce your mailing costs even further.


Business Mail Advanced is a postal service available to Mailmark franking meters that enables you to make savings on larger mailings.

Business Mail Advanced has the following criteria:

  • Mailings of 250 Standard Letter items or more of either 1st or 2nd Class
  • Sent to addresses within UK (addresses must match Royal Mail PAF)
  • Letters must be presented in mail trays, supplied by Royal Mail
  • What are the savings available on Business Mail Advanced?

Mail is franked at 87p for 1st Class or 56p for 2nd Class but the table below shows the prices you achieve for qualifying mail. Mailings of 1,000 letters or more benefit from additional Volume Related discounts. This means the more you send, the more you save.

Mailing Class









1ˢᵗ Class







2nd Class








*Prices quoted are effective 7 November 2022 and exclude VAT. VAT charged at 20%.


Business Mail Advanced is subject to VAT. For further information visit

How is the discount assessed?

Firstly, you need to frank your mail using the discounted Business Mail Advanced rates contained within your franking machine.

As Royal Mail process your mail, sorting machines read the meter license number information within the Mailmark barcode and check the letter for size, weight and address accuracy. They then verify the discount on an item by item basis for every piece of your mail that is automatically sorted. Items failing to be automatically sorted are priced at Franked Meter Standard Tariff.

How do I claim the discount?

If you are sending more than 250 letters in the mailing, the discount is already allocated in the prices franked by your meter. However, if items do not qualify for the discount, then the underpayment will be taken from your Pitney Bowes postage account.

If you are sending more than 1,000 items and qualify for a Volume Related discount, then the rebate will be applied to your Pitney Bowes postage account.

An invoice statement will be sent to you, so you can verify the transactions in your Pitney Bowes postage account and also claim back your VAT.

What criteria must be met to receive the discounts?

As well as sending a minimum of 250 letters your business needs to meet the following criteria:

Appropriate letter dimensions

  • Minimum size is 145mm x 110mm. Maximum size is 240mm x 165mm
  • Minimum thickness is 0.25mm. Maximum thickness is 5mm

Address must be located within UK (Rep. Ireland is not included) 

Appropriate address location and format

  • Addresses must be machine printed in a defined area of the letter
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) address specification is recommended

Appropriate clear zones

  • Royal Mail requires certain areas of the mail piece to have no markings. These are called clear zones. Royal Mail print barcodes on each item in these areas to assist the sorting process

For more details please click here to visit the Royal Mail website