Transformation of statements and business communications into high-value TransPromo documents

P/I™ Wizard

One of the key benefits of P/I™ Wizard is the way it vastly simplifies job preparation, especially as industry trends usher in a variety of new applications, technologies and document types.

Simplified Job Preparation

The P/I™ Wizard is an intuitive, document-driven, browser-based interface designed to simplify job preparation for a variety of complex applications, from digital colour to TransPromo and other value-added document enhancements.

  • Processing integrity and regulatory compliance. With P/I Wizard, print-to-mail operations can add, modify and apply barcodes, create piece-level tracking files, and index print files to optimize processing integrity for intelligent finishing and reprinting, and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • TransPromo. Users can easily create TransPromo applications by leveraging pre-planned or remnant white space for targeted messaging. Legacy statements and customer communications can be transformed into TransPromo documents without changing document composition processes.