The Advantages of Using a Franking Machine

In the new digital age, the use of traditional mailing may seem outdated. However, mailing documents, invoices, and parcels remains an important part of many businesses' daily operations. Organisations can benefit from using a franking machine to streamline and improve this process.

A franking machine is a device that precisely weighs and calculates postage, prints it directly onto envelopes or labels, and assists businesses in managing their mailing costs. In this article, we will look at the benefits of using a franking machine, including how it can help with cost savings, time efficiency, and professional branding.

Cost Savings Piggy Bank

Cost Savings

Franking machines offer big savings - Mailmark tariffs save 20p vs. 1st class stamps and 16p vs. 2nd class stamps*. Precise weighing avoids overpayment. No post office trips, saving money and time.
Clock Time Efficiency

Time Efficiency

Franking machines save time by automating postage printing and eliminating manual stamping. Features like envelope feeding enhance efficiency.
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Professional Branding

Using our franking machines, companies can boost brand image with logos, slogans, and messages on envelopes. Creates consistent, professional appearance, enhancing recognition and perception.
Accuracy and Security

Improved Accuracy and Record-Keeping

Franking machines prevent errors: automate weighing and calculation for accuracy. Built-in spend tracking simplifies bookkeeping, tracking postage expenses for budgeting and auditing.
Lock and Security

Increased Security and Tracking

Our franking machines offer advanced security: tracking, registered delivery for valuable items. Reducing mail loss risk, and bringing peace of mind.

Benefits of a franking machine include cost savings, time efficiency, improved accuracy, professional branding. Streamline mailing operations, reduce costs, maintain a professional image. Save 20p vs. 1st class stamps and 16p vs. 2nd class stamps with Mailmark®.
Ink drop

Exclusive with Pitney Bowes

Efficiently manage franking ink with AutoInk. No manual orders needed. Cost-effective, continuous ink supply. When low on ink, replacement is shipped automatically with free delivery. SendPro® series franking machines have built-in AutoInk, whereas DM60 franking machines use a SmartLink to notify us when you are low on ink. Simplifying your ink management process frees up valuable resource to focus on business-critical tasks.
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*Save 20p versus Royal Mail® 1st class stamps and save 16p verses Royal Mail® 2nd class stamps with Mailmark® franking machine prices. Savings for other services can be found here. Savings do not include equipment running costs or consumables. No minimum volumes needed (prices correct as of 3rd April 2023).