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How Does a Franking Machine Work?

Curious to know how franking machines work? This simple infographic shows how simple it is to use - from weighing your letters/parcels to popping them into your post box.

Franking machines have been around for over 90 years now, helping businesses of different sizes to process their mail quickly and efficiently. If franking is fairly new territory for you or you have no idea how your franking machine works, this infographic is just for you.

This simple infographic depicts the process of using a franking machine (our entry level DM60 franking machine) - from weighing your letters/parcels to popping them into your post box. Yes, franking is really that simple. 

How Does a Franking Machine Work?

This sequence does vary depending on what type of mail you're sending and whether you have a Business Posting Box at your location. Consider an upgrade or a folding and inserting system if you send out large volumes of mail and you need something much faster.

Interested in getting a franking machine for your business? Visit our franking machine page now.

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Franking machines - Avoid time consuming trips to the post office and save on postage by switching from stamping to franking.