The Art of the Possible:

Digital Mailroom

A revolutionary way of managing inbound and outbound mail, improving cost and efficiency.



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Improve speed, compliance and flexibility by inserting mail accurately and securely.

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Cut costs and boost compliance by sorting and tracking mail.

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Create customer value and engagement by printing impactful mail efficiently.

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Improve the management, security and accessibility of the information that flows through your organisation.

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For organisations looking to take the next steps into the automated world, an excellent starting position is to enhance and streamline the way they receive both electronic and physical forms of post or mail.

A digital mailroom is the automation of inbound and outbound mail. It’s using intelligent document creation and processing techniques, aligned with document scanning, document capture, postal payment technology and so much more.

Advantages of the inbound processes

The digital mailroom can be tailored to individual businesses, allowing it to optimise the processes. The rapid extraction scanning desk is loaded with your daily mail and neatly removes two edges from each envelope, allowing the operator to remove the content and capture a pixel perfect image of each document using the envelope to close each transaction providing first return of investment.

The document is then classified by type, by identifying key words or phrases that are relevant for the organisation, linking with the organisations line of business systems without human intervention, which is the second return on investment.

Once we are working with cleansed data, we can identify the meaning behind each of the letters and if we have configured your system to do so make automated updates, which would have been done manually by colleagues providing the third return on investment.

It is clear to all that our communication preferences are changing rapidly relying less on paper every year. Therefore, it is only logical to adopt email, mobile SMS, fax, and social media into our automated work flows, which operate 24 hours a day, giving the final return on investment.

Advantages of the outbound processes

As with inbound, there are innovative solutions to manage the processes for both paper-based & digital outbound communication; with the potential to deliver stronger customer relationships and significant cost savings.

A digital outbound solution provides the focal point for improved customer interaction techniques and, through it, enhanced delivery of key messages.

Our solutions allow organisations to address excess postal costs; create business-wide branding control & removing the expense of pre-printed stationery silos. It helps build communication consistency; whilst ensuring peace of mind with tracking, compliance and reporting on all print and mail activity.

Postage, print & staff savings can typically deliver a 30% cost reduction; whilst supporting targets for paperless adoption and increased customer satisfaction. The Pitney Bowes solution can be cloud based or on premise and is fully scalable; ensuring confidence and cost-effective working during peak activity periods.


Mailrooms are populated by people and we can make human errors.  Digital mailrooms do not suffer this problem; in addition, they help mailroom to be more productive. This assurance means your mail is processed more effectively with greater, predictable accurately. Moreover, a digital mailroom allows you to combine paper and electronic mail simultaneously, so information is saved and accessible at any time.