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How to find your account or serial number

Locate your account or meter serial number for registering your Pitney Bowes online account from the guides below:

Rental/ Consumables (Supply Line) / Maintenance or Service

8-digit account number can be found on your relevant invoice.

rental invoice

Purchase Power™

16-digit account number can be found on your relevant invoice.

purchase power example


NOTE: You are unable to register using your Lease agreement number ( starting with "1")

You require your lease account number to be able to register online.

This can be obtained by using the live chat link at the bottom of this page or by using one of the contact details in the contact us page.

Postage by Phone

You are unable to register using your Postage by Phone account number.  

Note: This account number typically starts with a ‘1’ 

Meter Serial Number or PB reference number

7-digit number can be found on your Purchase Power invoice or found on the back of the meter itself.



If you require further assistance with obtaining your Pitney Bowes account or meter serial number, you can find in this article a simple table that will help you to identify them.

account types

Important information: Postage by Phone account or Lease agreement cannot be used for first time registration of a Pitney Bowes online account.

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Updated: 06 September 2019