Transfer of our Leasing Business FAQ's

Transfer from Pitney Bowes Finance to Pitney Bowes Limited Frequently Asked Questions.

From the 1st March 2023, the leasing business of Pitney Bowes in the UK will be conducted from Pitney Bowes Limited, who have always provided maintenance services under leases and operated Purchase Power or Pitney Bowes® PrePay accounts. If you hold a Hire Agreement (lease agreement) with Pitney Bowes Finance Limited, from 1st March 2023, the agreement will be fully with Pitney Bowes Limited. There’s nothing you need to do. 

How does this impact my lease agreement?

The only change is that Pitney Bowes Limited becomes the “owner” of the equipment leased, becomes entitled to the rental payments you make, and will take over full responsibility for any issues you have.  

Will my lease agreement number change?

No, your lease agreement number will remain the same. 

Will this affect payments or supplier details?

Pitney Bowes Limited currently operates your Purchase Power or PrePay postage account. 

  • If you pay by bank transfer, the sort code & account number will remain the same, the account name will change to Pitney Bowes Limited.  
  • To download a signed copy of the bank details on Pitney Bowes letterhead click here.  
  • Direct Debit payments will continue to claim as normal with no action required.   

Registered Address: Pitney Bowes Limited, 5 Churchill Place, 10th Floor, London, E14 5HU 
Business Address: Langlands House, 130 Sandringham Avenue, Harlow, CM19 5QA 
Remittance Email: 
Company Reg Number: Registered in England No. 182037 
VAT Reg Number. 21332930 

If you have further queries that are not answered within the FAQs, you can contact our Client Service team by using the chat icon at the bottom of this page.


UPDATE: 31 January 2023