Replacing the ink cartridge on the SendPro C, SendPro+

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Products affected: SendPro® C, SendPro®+ (2H20)
Replace the ink cartridge when the low ink warning appears to ensure your device is in optimal working condition.
  1. Tap Settings on the toolbar.
    Settings icon
  2. Scroll down and tap Envelope Printer Maintenance.
  3. Tap Install Ink.
  4. Lift the cover. The ink cartridge moves to the front position.
  5. Remove the ink cartridge as shown on the label next to the cartridge holder.
    ink installation label
  6. Insert the new ink cartridge and close the ink cartridge guard.
    Installing ink cartridge
  7. Close the top cover.
    Closing the top cover
  8. Print a test pattern to ensure that your ink cartridge installs properly.
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UPDATED: 12 February 2021