Importing addresses into SendPro Online and SendPro C/SendPro+

Learn how to import addresses into the Address Book in SendPro Online. These addresses can also be used on the SendPro C/SendPro+.
Products affected: SendPro®

You can use SendPro® Online to import addresses from other sources into your address book.

Addresses added in SendPro® Online are also visible on other SendPro products such as SendPro C/SendPro+ meters and SendPro P Series meters.

The SendPro Online address book can hold an unlimited number of addresses. However, on SendPro C/SendPro+ and SendPro P Series meters, only 1000 addresses are visible.

  1. If you are importing addresses from another application, export/save those addresses as a .csv file. Make sure that your file meets the guidelines below.
  2. Select Address Book from the Menu at the top.
  3. Select Import.
  4. To use SendPro Online’s template to create your import file, select Download a .csv template. You can insert your addresses into this template, or copy the headers (first row) from this template into your own address file. The headers do not need to be all inclusive but must adhere to the guidelines below.
  5. Save your address file as a .CSV
  6. Once you have created your .csv file of addresses to import, select Browse and navigate to your file.
  7. Select Continue. If you are replacing addresses you will also be asked to confirm your selection.
  8. The mapping screen appears. Match your address book fields on the left with the SendPro Online address book fields on the right.
Note: If SendPro Online could not automatically determine which field to map, the right side will say Ignore Field. Select the correct field from the drop down list if required. If you leave or choose Ignore Field, that field will not be imported.
  1. Select Continue to import your address data.


SendPro Address import guidelines

  • SendPro requires the first and last names to be in a single field called Name.
  • The order of the columns in the import file does not matter.
  • Because addresses must pass carrier validation when used in SendPro, the following fields are required. You can import addresses that do not contain these fields, but before you can use them, they must be completed.
    • Full Name
    • Company Name
    • Street Address 1
    • City
    • County
    • Postal Code
    • Country
  • You can use only fields that correspond to those available in SendPro Online. You can not exceed the fields.

UPDATED: 18 July 2023