Printing a shipping label on the Connect+ Series, SendPro P

Print shipping labels to get the best pricing for Royal Mail or ParcelForce parcel services.
Products affected: Connect+® 500W, Connect+® 1000, Connect+® 2000, Connect+® 3000, SendPro® P1000, SendPro® P1500, SendPro® P2000, SendPro® P3000

Print shipping labels to get the best pricing for Royal Mail or ParcelForce parcel services.

  1. Select Print Shipping Label on the Home screen.
    Print shipping label
  2. Select Royal Mail and ParcelForce.
    Royal Mail and ParcelForce
  3. Enter the recipient's address using one of two methods:
    • The Address Book. Scroll through the list of addresses or select a search option (search by full name, street etc.) by selecting the down arrow in front of the search field.
      Address Book
    • Select the country and then enter the Postcode. A drop down menu of potential addresses may appear, depending on the country you have selected.
  4. Enter the size of the mailpiece in centimetres within the Dimensions boxes.
    Mailpiece dimensions
  5. Place the mailpiece on the scale. Select the scale icon to weigh the item.
    Weighing icon
  6. Alternatively, enter the weight of the mailpiece in kilograms within the weight box. If entering a weight under one kilogram, as an example, enter 0.5.
  7. Select the white down arrow to continue.
    White arrow to continue
  8. Choose the service you want to use. The cost of the selected service appears on the right. You are also able to filter by speed of delivery by choosing one of the radio buttons on the left.
    Shipping classes
  9. Select the white down arrow to continue.
  10. Depending on the class of the item you are sending, Add Extra Services may appear. This gives you options such as: Collection, Saturday Delivery or Additional compensation to your item.
  11. Once complete, select the white down arrow to continue.
  12. You can edit the sender or recipients address if necessary. You can use the Address Book or enter the address manually. If you are creating a ParcelForce label you must populate the Company field. You can use an addressee's name if you are sending the item to a residential address.
  13. If you use Cost Accounts, select the Cost Account drop-down and select a Cost Account.
    Shipping cost account
  14. Select the Email the tracking number tick box to recipients or senders before you print the shipping label. Enter the email address in the field provided.
  15. Select Print.
  16. The Label Options screen appears where you can define how you want to print the label. The Label Options screen allows you to:
    • Print a test sample label without charging your Purchase Power Account.
    • Enter a note about this shipment via the Memo field. You can enter up to 25 characters. It will be available in your history file for all carriers and will also be printed on the shipping label.
    • Use the magnifier to zoom and see the address as it will actually print on the label.
  17. Select Print. Once the shipping label prints, the message Label Completed, along with the total cost appears. You return to the shipping Home screen.
    Shipping label completed
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UPDATED: 27 February 2023