Loading the Insert Feeder on the Relay™ 2500, 3500, 4500

Learn how to Load the Insert Feeder on the Relay™ 2500, 3500, 4500.
Products affected: Relay™ 2500, Relay™ 3500, Relay™ 4500

The insert feeder feeds items that do not require folding. The insert feeder may be removed if it is not required fora job.

  1. Use the side guide adjustment knob to adjust the side guides to the width of the inserts you are running.

    Insert Load 1

  2. Once the guides are touching both sides of the insert, turn the adjustment knob 1/4-turn in the opposite direction. This sets the correct clearance between the guides and the insert.
  3. Refer to the labels located on the insert feeder and match the insert type (slip, reply envelope, pre-folded, booklet) with the icon and color.

    Identifying the Insert - If the label indicates a range of settings, we recommend you select a higher number or letter for a thicker the insert.

  4. Set the blue separator gap lever to the number required.

    Insert Load 2

  5. Set the blue separator shield lever to the letter required.

    Insert Load 3

  6. Aerate and fan the stack of inserts so the individual pieces are not stuck together.


  7. Shingle the inserts and place them on the feed deck. Loading orientation can vary depending on the inserts. Load inserts using these orientation guidelines.

    Insert Load 4

    Insert TypeOrientation
    SlipFace up, bottom edge first
    Reply EnvelopeFace up, top edge first
    Pre-foldedFace up, closed edge first
    BookletFace up, bound edge first
  8. Let the wedge (material prop) slide down the stack to support the envelopes.

    Insert Load 5

UPDATED: 14 August 2021