Installing the SendPro C, SendPro+

If you are installing a SendPro C, SendPro+ for the very first time, follow these instructions.
Products affected: SendPro® C, SendPro®+ (2H20, R2H20, R2H20M, R1H20C, 1H20C, R1H20CM, 7H20C, R7H20C, R7H20CM)

Follow these instructions to install a SendPro C, SendPro+ for the very first time.

  1. Before you begin
  2. Open the box
  3. Unpack the device
  4. Install the printhead
  5. Install the ink cartridge
  6. Connect device to a power source
  7. Continue installation steps

1-install Before you begin

Before you being installing your new SendPro C, SendPro+, you need to decide what type of connection (wired or wireless) you want to use.

Choose your connection type

Wired Connectionswired-button_43x35

Take about 10 minutes to set up

Require an ethernet port and power outlet.

Wireless Connectionswireless-button_51x35

Take about 15 minutes to set up

Require access to a wireless network and power outlet.

number-2 Open the box

In the box you will find:

SendPro C and scale

Box contents

number-3 Unpack the device

  1. Remove the device and all items from the box.
  2. Important: Be sure to grab hold of the entire feeder, not just the moistener flap when lifting the device out of the box.
  3. Do not connect your device to a power source yet.
  4. Remove all packing materials from the device.

number-4 Install the printhead

  1. Open the cover to access the ink carriage.
    Open cover
  2. Remove the packing tape from the ink carriage.
    Remove packing tape from the ink carriage
  3. Open the ink carriage guard.
  4. Unwrap the printhead and remove the protective strip.
  5. Squeeze the tabs and slide the printhead pegs into the lower set of grooves.
    Important: This step is critical to prevent device damage.
    Insert printhead
  6. Keep squeezing the tabs and push the printhead flush against the wall. The tabs snap outward when you place the printhead correctly.

number-5 Install the ink cartridge

  1. Unwrap the ink cartridge and remove the silver foil strip from the ink cartridge.
  2. Install the ink cartridge and close the guard.

  3. Close the cover.
    Close top cover

number-6 Connect the device to a power source

Connect the device to a power source. Tap the power button.

number-7 Follow the installation instructions on the device

  1. Wait for the device to start up.
  2. Tap Get Started on the touchscreen and continue the installation steps on the screen.
  3. Tap Got it when you see the message "You're ready to start sending."

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UPDATED: 24 May 2023