Printing a shipping label on the SendPro C, SendPro+, SendPro C Auto

Print shipping labels to receive favourable pricing for Royal Mail and ParcelForce services.
Products affected: SendPro® C, SendPro®+, SendPro® C Auto (2H20, R2H20, R2H20M, R1H20C, 1H20C, R1H20CM, 7H20C, R7H20C, R7H20CM, 7H20A, R7H20A, R7H20AM)

Print Parcel Shipping labels to get the best pricing for Royal Mail or ParcelForce® parcel services.

  1. Tap Parcel Shipping on the Home screen.
  2. Tap Royal Mail and ParcelForce.
    Parcel Shipping home screen
  3. Add the sender address if required. Use the Address Book or enter it manually.
    Sender address screen
  4. Select a cost account, if enabled. If this field contains an account, check the account is correct.
    Sender screen with Cost Account field
  5. Tap Continue.
  6. Tap the Address icon to select the recipient address from the Address Book. Alternatively, manually enter a postcode and scroll to the desired address.
    Recepient address
    Recipient address with save to address book box
    Important: You can set the device to automatically save addresses to the Address Book.
    Using a browser on your computer, sign in to PitneyShip Pro and tick the box to enable the Always save new recipient address within the Address Book settings.
  7. Tap Continue.
  8. Enter the size of the parcel in centimetres within the Dimensions boxes.
  9. Tap Weight.
    Package details
  10. There are two options to now choose:
    1. Tap Scale, then place the parcel on the scale. Tap Apply, then Continue or
    2. Manually enter the weight of the parcel if you know the weight. Tap Apply, then Continue.
  11. Tap the service you wish to use, in this example, 1st Class.
    Classes available
  12. Tap Extra Services if required. If you are not adding any special services, go to step 15.
    Extra services
    Extra services
  13. Tap the desired extra service.
    Extra Parcelforce services
  14. Tap Apply to confirm the extra services.
  15. Tap Label Options to add a memo onto the label. Enter further information about your parcel, if prompted. Alternatively, tap Print to print the label.
    Label options icon
  16. The carrier screen reappears. You can now print another label.

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UPDATED: 23 October 2023