Inviting additional users in SendPro Online

Learn how to invite additional users in SendPro.
Products affected: SendPro®
The first time you sign into SendPro® after signing up, you will have the role of Admin. As Admin, you can add (invite) new users and edit or delete existing users, but only if you have a SendPro subscription that allows for multiple users.

If you have a single user subscription you will be unable to invite users. The Invite Users option will be grey and not available to select. A link will appear on the top right of your screen inviting you to follow the link to upgrade to a multiple user subscription. If you would like to have additional SendPro users enabled please click the link or contact your system supplier to upgrade your subscription.

To invite new users:
  1. Select Settings cog> User Management. A list of all current users appears, including their name, email address, role (Admin or User) and status (Active, Inactive, or Invited). 
  2. Select Invite User.
  3. Enter the new user's name in the name fields and email address into the email address field. 
  4. Enter a Display Name.
  5. Select a role (Admin or User) from the Role menu.  You can change their role later if needed. For more information, see How to manage users in SendPro.
  6. Select Invite. Each invited user will receive an email and will appear in the list of users with a Status of Invited.

Once the invited user has received the email, they should follow these steps to sign in:
  1. Select the Sign In link in the email.
  2. Enter a password.
  3. Sign in to SendPro.

UPDATED: 14 August 2021