Envelope feeding maintenance on the Connect+ 1000, SendPro P1000

Learn how to perform envelope feeding maintenance on the Connect+ 1000, SendPro P1000
Products affected: Connect+® 1000, SendPro® P1000
If you experience envelope jams or stoppages on your system, follow the steps here to clear the jam and perform the recommended maintenance operations to prevent further problems.
  1. Lift the (a) feed cover and the (b) printer cover and locate the jammed mailpiece(c).

    Feeder and Printer cover open

  2. Remove the envelopes from the feed deck.

    Envelopes being removed from the feed deck

  3. Pull the top release lever up and to the right.

    Top release lever being raised

  4. Lift up on the lower release lever with one hand and remove the envelope with the other.

    Lifting the lower release lever and removing the stalled mailpiece

  5. Examine the (a) sealer roller and (b) printer entrance roller for dirt and debris.

    Sealer roller and printer entrance roller shown

  6. Fill a water-spray bottle and spray water on a lint free cloth.

    Filling a spray water bottle to spray on a lint free cloth

  7. Wipe any dirt or debris off the sealer roller.

    Clean the sealer roller

  8. Close the top release lever and lock in place.

    Top release lever being closed

  9. Lift up the printer transport release lever and push to the right.

    Printer transport release lever lifted and pushed right

  10. Remove any envelopes from the printer deck and wipe the printer entrance roller and printer deck clean using another damp lint-free cloth.

    Cleaning the printer deck

  11. Set the thickness adjustment knob.

    Thickness adjustment knob


    1. For thicker mailpieces that are greater than 9.5 mm to the maximum of 16 mm thick, use a setting of 2.

      Thickness adjustment knob on number 2 setting

    2. For postcards and mail pieces that are 0.18 mm to 9.5 mm thick, use a setting of 1.

      Thickness adjustment knob on number 1 setting

  12. Close the feed and printer covers.
  13. Adjust the (a) side guide on the feeder deck to accommodate the width of the envelope. The space between the envelope and side guide should be approximately (b) 1.6 mm.

    Adjusting the side guide

  14. Prepare the envelopes for the feed deck.

    1. Make sure all the envelopes are the same size for a mail run.
    2. Align the stack of envelopes by tapping the stack on a flat surface.

      Tapping the envelopes on a flat surface

    3. Fan the envelope stack.

      Fan the envelopes

    4. Shingle the stack (slant as shown).

      Envelopes being shingled

    5. Place the stack on the feed deck with the envelope flaps down and against the rear wall. Make sure the stack is not too high.

      Correct amount of envelopes stacked on the feed deck



UPDATED: 25 May 2022