Sealer maintenance on the Connect+ 2000, SendPro P2000

Learn how to perform sealer maintenance on the Connect+ 2000, SendPro P2000.
Products affected: Connect+® 2000, SendPro® P2000

If your envelope(s) are not sealing or not sealing properly, perform the recommended maintenance operations here. In order to complete these operations you will need the Moistener Replacement Kit (available from your local Pitney Bowes office).

Poorly sealed envelopes

Improperly sealed envelope

  1. Open the supplies cover.

    Supplies cover open

  2. The envelope sealant bottle is located to the far left of the tape roll. Check to see if the sealant bottle is seated correctly. The following picture is an example of an improperly seated bottle.

    Sealant bottle seated incorrectly

  3. To re-seat the sealant bottle, lift it straight up and lower it again so that it is seated properly as shown in the following image.

    Sealant bottle seated correctly

  4. Close the supplies cover, then open the (a) feed and (b) print covers.

    Feeder and Printer covers open

  5. Push down on the moistener pad assembly button located on the feed deck.

    Moistener pad assembly button

  6. Grasp the (a) moistener pad assembly and pull it out straight toward you.

    Removing the moistener pad assembly

  7. Turn the (a) moistener pad assembly over and examine the (b) moisture pad. Note the location of the (c) wick. If the pad contains dirt and debris and looks like the image shown here, you need to replace the assembly.

    Examine the moisture pad for dirt

  8. Using two fingers, grasp and remove the wick.

    Remove the wick

  9. Locate the Moistener Replacement Kit.

    Moistener assembly replacement kit

  10. Insert the new wick. Gently push it all the way down into the wick holder until it is seated properly.

    Insert the new wick

  11. Push the new moistener pad assembly back on its track until it snaps into position.

    Install the new moistener pad assembly


    Make sure that the moistener pad assembly is perfectly level with the feed deck and that the stripper portion of the assembly is under the mail hold down finger.

    Moistener pad assembly is level with the feed deck

    Correct alignment with feed deck

    Correct and incorrect position of Stripper on moistener pad assembly

    (a) Stripper on moistener pad assembly must be under the (b) mail hold down assembly

    The following are examples of improper alignment:

    Incorrect alignment of moistener pad assembly

    Incorrect alignment with feed deck

  12. Close the feed and print covers.

  13. Run some envelopes and verify they are sealing correctly.

UPDATED: 25 May 2022