Cleaning the AddressRight 300 Feeder

Learn how to clean the AddressRight 300 Feeder.
Products affected: AddressRight™ 300 Feeder


Warning! Feeder is a precision machine that should be cleaned regularly to insure many years of service. Before performing any maintenance disconnect feeder from its power source!


The feeder must be cleaned regularly of accumulated paper dust and ink. Depending on the types of media that are run, paper dust may accumulate within the printer and on the transport. Always unplug the feeder from the power receptacle and remove the covers.

  • Internal areas are best cleaned with a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to help loosen dust particles. Take care not to damage PC Boards or electrical wiring.
  • Exterior areas may be cleaned with any standard nonabrasive household cleaner.


Caution: Never spray or pour cleaners directly on or into feeder. Excess liquid could harm electronic parts. Always dampen a rag with the cleaner and apply it to parts to be cleaned.


Cleaning the Sensors

Keep two the sensors on the feeder clean. Use a Q-tip to clean the sensors. Media sensor [A] is located under the exit guide rollers. Jam sensor [B] is located on jam sensor support.


Caution: Do not use solvents or abrasives to clean sensors.



UPDATED: 14 August 2021