Cleaning the Print Head on the PB-SP100 Printer

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Products affected: PB-SP100

Cleaning the Print Head can improve print quality from your printer.

To clean the print head, ensure that the printer is switched off and disconnected from the power supply.

Warning: Please refer to the PB-SP100 Safety instructions before lifting the top cover. Do not touch heated area of print–head when cleaning. Personal injury may result from static electricity.
  1. Open the top cover.
  2. Remove any dirt, dust or foreign objects with a cloth or cotton swab soaked in alcohol.

After cleaning the head, do not use the printer until the alcohol used for cleaning evaporates completely. (1-2 min)

Note Perform the cleaning process each time the label roll is replaced to prevent print quality deterioration.


  • Ensure that the printer is turned off before cleaning.
  • Take care not to scratch the print head.
  • The Print head is very hot when printing. Allow to cool before cleaning the print head.

UPDATED: 14 August 2021