Running diagnostics on the AddressRight 200

Learn how to run diagnostics on the AddressRight 200.
Products affected: AddressRightâ„¢ 200 Printer

Diagnostics runs tests on the printer components and systems listed on the screen at variable speed.


To run a diagnostic test:

  1. Remove media from the printer.
  2. Tap Test to start the diagnostic cycle. Tap again to stop.
  3. While Test is activated, run one piece of media through the printer to test the sensor function. The test cycles through each component automatically. Green lights indicate that the component is functioning properly.
  4. After running one piece, verify that the piece length was measured accurately.
    • If the piece fed through, but no piece length was displayed and the sensor condition still shows red; stop this test, turn off the printer, and clean the media sensor.
    • If the piece measured longer that the actual piece length; the piece is probably slipping or hesitating as it feeds. In this case, check or adjust the sheet separators and check and adjust the media thickness setting.
  5. Check or uncheck the Clutch w/Sensor box as needed:
    • Unchecked: Tests clutch function (on/off) using an automated routine.
    • Checked: With media loaded, tests clutch and media sensor function.
  6. Check or uncheck the Conveyor box to turn the conveyor relay on and off. (Listen for the relay clicking.)
  7. Check or uncheck the Feeder box to turn the feeder relay on and off. (Listen for the relay clicking.)

UPDATED: 14 August 2021