Searching for an account on the Connect+ Series and SendPro P

Learn how to search for an account on the Connect+ Series and SendPro P
Products affected: Connect+® 500W, Connect+® 1000, Connect+® 2000, Connect+® 3000, SendPro® P1000, SendPro® P1500, SendPro® P2000, SendPro® P3000
If your system uses accounting, you can use the account search field to locate an account to process mail against, or when selecting an account to edit, delete or to create a new account level.

The account search field is located on the Select Accounts screen.
  1. Select the Search field.
  2. If necessary, change the account search criteria.
  3. Type in the search term. As you type, the best match is displayed in the Search Results tab. You can use hyphens as shortcuts to search for specific accounts, sub accounts, and sub sub accounts. 
  • The first hyphen stands for the highest level (account). 
  • The second hyphen stands for the next-highest level (sub account).
  • The third hyphen stand for the next-highest level (sub sub account). 
  • No hyphen in front of the keywords means no shortcuts are used. 
Note: The hyphen shortcut can only be used to search within columns displayed on the screen (i.e. you cannot search for a sub account if the sub account column is not present).
  1. If the appropriate account is highlighted, select OK. If more than one account is identified as a match, select the appropriate account and then select OK.
  2. If prompted, type in the account password and select OK.

UPDATED: 14 August 2021