SendSuite Tracking version 12.8 Release Notes (October 15, 2018)

SendSuite Tracking Release Notes for version 12.8 (October 15, 2018).
Products affected: SendSuite® Tracking

New Features

This section describes the major new features or enhancements that are included in this release.

SendSuite Mobile.Datawedge Profile Management.

When pairing SendSuite Mobile, the user will have the option to also update the Datawedge profile on the device being paired.

Smart Client. Print Images.

When in the Smart Client and viewing packages with associated images, users may now print the image by right-clicking the image and selecting Print from the resulting context menu. Note that images are not resizable. To ensure the image will fit on the page as desired, make the necessary adjustments to the device capturing the image (PC-connected imaging device or Tracking Assistant camera).

Smart Client. Sort Search Results.

In the Smart Client, while viewing as search results data grid, click on any column header to sort the grid by that column. Click the header again to reverse the sort order.

SendSuite Mobile. Restrict Popup List Data Synchronization Frequency.

The PopupList field type in Mobile Layout management now offers the user to configure the frequency and time of day in which it is permissible to synchronize data linked to the Popuplist field. To view the available settings, enter edit mode for any PopupList field type in a SendSuite Mobile Layout.

SendSuite Link. Java Updated.

SendSuite Link now ships with Java 8 Update 181 (1.8.0_181)

SendSuite Mobile. System Fields.

System fields are now available for SendSuite Mobile receiving and delivery layouts.

SendSuite Mobile. Mailrun popup lists.

SendSuite Mobile layouts now support popup lists for Mailrun.

Installer. SQL Express 2017.

SendSuite Tracking now ships with SQL Express 2017.

SendSuite Admin. Email Notification.

Email Notification has been extended to support Visit and Asset events. When creating new email notification formats, the list of available fields is now sorted alphabetically.

SendSuite Admin. Session IDs.

Session IDs are now randomized where previously they had been sequential and therefore predictable.

SendSuite Admin. File upload constraints.

SendSuite Admin now imposes file type restrictions in all interfaces in which file upload is facilitated.

Smart Client. TLS 1.2.

Smart Client now supports TLS 1.2 on Windows 7.


Support Items

This section includes items that have been raised via Support and escalated to Development for resolution within this release.

Smart Client. Package Alerts screen.

Corrected an issue whereby the scroll bars in the Package Alerts screen were missing preventing view of the details section.

SendSuite Mobile. Modify conditions during sync.

Conditions may once again be modified during SendSuite Mobile synchronization.

Smart Client. Image viewer.

Resolved an issue whereby several clicks were required in order to close the signature image viewer in the View Packages by Recipient screen.

Smart Client. Windows UAC elevation requirement.

Resolved an issue whereby Windows would require administrative privileges to run the Smart Client.

SendSuite Mobile. Pouch delivery.

When delivering a pouch, the pouch and all child records are now updated to the status of DELIVERED as expected.

SendSuite Mobile. Label printing.

Resolved an issue whereby Recipient-linked data (Mail Route, e.g.) would not print on labels printed on a mobile printer.

Smart Client. Tracking number decoding.

Hand-entered tracking numbers now decode properly.

Smart Client. Invalid index.

Resolved an issue whereby after executing a search in the View Packages by Recipient screen, the Find Index would be set to an invalid index.

SendSuite Admin. Email Notification site-specific from address.

Resolved an issue whereby the Email Notification feature would not honor configured site-specific 'send from' email address values.

UPDATED: 17 May 2021