SendSuite Tracking version 14.3 Release Notes (April 20, 2020)

SendSuite Tracking Release Notes for version 14.3 (April 20, 2020).
Products affected: SendSuiteĀ® Tracking

New Features

This section describes the major new features or enhancements that are included in this release.

Smart Client. Amazon Decoding.

Added support for decoding 15-character Amazon package labels.

Smart Client. Group Update.

Administrators may now configure the fields, order, width, and header label of the table in the Group Update dialog box.

SendSuite Mobile. Filter Recipients by Department.

SendSuite Mobile users will now be able to first optionally apply a department filter thereby reducing the available list of recipients to that which is associated to the department selected.

Smart Client. Image Zoom.

When viewing images in the Smart Client, users now have the ability to zoom and pan. Printed images will now be in landscape and maintain their original aspect ratio.

SendSuite Admin. Unlock User.

Should a user lock themselves out of the system (too many failed login attempts), an Admin may now unlock the user in SendSuite Admin.

SendSuite Mobile. Select/De-Select All in Manifest.

The ability for a user to Select/De-Select all items in a manifest layout is now configurable by an admin.

SendSuite Mobile. Force PieceID Scan in Manifest.

Admins now have the option to force SendSuite Mobile users to scan in the Manifest layout the PieceID barcode instead of the system-generated tracking number barcode.

SendSuite Mobile. Improved Locker Support.

To improve the support of integrated lockers, the following SendSuite Mobile features are included in this release:

  • New OEM layout named Receive/Lockers (Car/Emp/Snd/Trk/Lock) with Locker information:
    • Locker Bank
    • Locker Size
  • SendSuite Mobile will attempt to reserve a locker, adding the reservation details to the item record.
  • A new SendSuite Mobile Layout item (Locker) has been added to SendSuite Admin
  • SendSuite Mobile can now verify the connection status of a locker bank and inform the user.

Smart Client. Group Delivery by Recipient.

Added a Select All button to the Group Delivery by Recipient screen.

Support Items

This section includes items that have been raised via Support and escalated to Development for resolution within this release.

SendSuite Admin. Error Saving New Event Mappings and Field Mappings.

Resolved an issue whereby a timeout error would be issued when attempting to save New Event Mappings and Field Mappings in SendSuite Admin.

SendSuite Mobile. Duplicate Detection.

Corrected a problem in which manually entered tracking number values were not being caught by the duplicate detection feature.

SendSuite Admin. Import Records Filter.

Applying a filter while importing records will now function as designed.

SendSuite Admin. Sender Record Import.

Resolved an issue whereby electing to use an auto-generated SNDCODE value when importing senders would result in an error.

SendSuite Mobile. Employee Filter.

Corrected a problem that prevented the SendSuite Mobile employee popup filter from working as designed.

Smart Client. TLS Report Error.

The connection provider for the reports engine has been updated to one that supports the minimum TLS 1.2 cipher.

System. Improved Security.

Identified and encrypted a config file which had SQL connection authentication credentials stored as plain text.

SendSuite Admin. FIPS Error.

Resolved an issue that resulted in the following error when attempting to save a newly created admin user: InvalidOperationException "This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms."

Smart Client. Route Activity Search.

Route activities logged in SendSuite Mobile will now be returned in date-based queries executed in the Activity screen of the Smart Client.

SendSuite Tracking. Service Start Failure.

Corrected an issue in the installer that was creating ODBC datasources with an improper SQL connection configuration, resulting in services failing to start.

SendSuite Admin. Error Editing Users.

SendSuite Admin will no longer issue a SqlDateTime overflow error when editing user records.

Smart Client. Database Error when Entering Invalid Date/Time Values in Bulk Delivery mode.

Smart Client will now perform validation on date and time fields in the Bulk Delivery screen instead of issuing a database error.

SendSuite Tracking. Undesirable Character Conversion.

Resolved a issue whereby some character sequences in values such as email addresses would be converted to some other special character.

SendSuite Tracking. SQL Deadlocks.

Corrected a problem that led to SQL deadlocks.

Installer. Load Balancing.

Corrected an issue in the installer that would report a higher version database being present when upgrading SendSuite Tracking in a load-balanced configuration.

SendSuite Mobile. Receive Date Overwritten.

Addressed a problem in which the Receive Date would be overwritten with the date/time of synchronization.

SendSuite Admin. Import Special Characters.

Adjusted the permissible special characters in the ID field for imported data.

Smart Client. Empty Records.

Adjustments have been made to prevent users from saving a record without entering any data into fields thereby creating an empty record.

SendSuite Admin. Options Grayed Out.

Corrected the inadvertent graying-out of some options in the General System Settings area of SendSuite Admin.

Smart Client. Carrier Barcode Decoding.

USPS Priority Mail barcodes would occasionally decode as FedEx. This has been resolved.

SendSuite Mobile. Type-ahead in Manifest.

The type-ahead functionality of the package search field in the Manifest layout has been restored.

UPDATED: 17 May 2021