Pitney Bowes Limited (Lease) Invoice Explained

Pitney Bowes Finance billing explained, including payment terms of Pitney Bowes Finance accounts.
An itemised invoice is issued from Pitney Bowes Finance for the charges related to the leased equipment. Invoice frequency is determined as part of the lease agreement. 

Invoice items explained 

  • Rental: Is the lease amount charged for the period stated on the invoice.
  • Maintenance: Is applied to the invoice when service cover is included in the lease contract. 
  • ValueMax: Is an equipment replacement program.  Learn more about the ValueMax program.
  • Invoice fee: Is applied to invoices paid via BACs. 
  • Pitney Bowes Finance Charges explained will provide details for any additional items that may appear on an invoice.

Pitney Bowes limited payment terms and details 

  • 15 days to pay your invoice which can be by either Direct Debit or BACS
  • Invoices are most commonly billed on a quarterly basis. 

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UPDATED: 03 April 2023