Pitney Bowes Ltd Invoice Explained

Explains the charges including rental, service and consumables.
Pitney Bowes Limited provides all invoices relating to Consumable Supplies, Rates, Service or Maintenance charges and Equipment Rental costs. 

Invoice items explained 
  • Rental:  For the rental of the equipment.  
    • Rental is separate to Lease/Hire agreement.
  • Service/maintenance: For your service/maintenance cover. The code in the 'Level of Cover' column indicates the level of cover you have opted for. 
  • Consumable Supplies charges: Such as ink cartridges, toner, envelopes and labels, the quantity ordered and the delivery location.
  • Rental Rates: A fee for Royal Mail rates on your machine, which includes updates for any rate changes. 
    • Rental rates are subject to contract
Note: Serial number/site location and period of billing is detailed within the invoice.  

Pitney Bowes Ltd payment terms and details
  • 30 days to pay your invoice which can be by either Direct Debit or BACS
  • If you opted to take advantage of consolidating your billing onto one monthly invoice along with your postage spend, these charges will be transferred onto your Purchase Power account. 
  • If a credit note is issued for a Pitney Bowes Limited transaction, it is for your records only. This should not be used to offset as a payment against another invoice

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UPDATED: 16 July 2021

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