Purchase Power Invoice Explained

Purchase power invoice, payment terms and fee structure explained.
Purchase Power is a credit facility that eliminates the need for you to pay in advance. You will receive an easy to understand, itemised monthly invoice, billing you for any purchases made in the last 30 days.

Purchase Power terms and details 

  • Payments are due 25 days from the invoice date and can be paid by either. 
    • Direct Debit- Payments will claim 15 days after the invoice date. 
    • Bank Transfer - BACS received within 4 working days, faster payments received within 1 working day. 
  • Flexible payment terms; pay either the minimum, the full amount or anything in between.
  • Invoice billing date can be amended to accommodate internal payment runs; choose from 14 different billing dates.  

Invoice Summary Explained 

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UPDATED: 03 April 2023