Pitney Bowes Limited (Lease) Charges Explained

An explanation of any charges that may appear on a Pitney Bowes Limited (Lease) invoice.
Invoice Fee: An Invoice Fee is charged when the lease agreement is not set up for Direct Debit payments. The fee is calculated as £5.00 or 2% of each invoice, whichever is greater.
Tip: The Invoice Fee can be removed by setting up a direct debit  on your lease agreement. 

Shipping & Arrangement Fee: This is a one-off fee applied to the first lease agreement invoice, which covers the set-up of your new agreement and/or the shipping of equipment. Your Pitney Bowes contract will determine the value of this fee.  

ValueMAX Fee: The ValueMAX program is our repair/replacement program for leased equipment. It is not insurance, but if you have proof of insurance coverage that protects the leased equipment from loss, damage or destruction, you can opt out of this program.

All charges applied to a Pitney Bowes Limited account are in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of your lease agreement.

UPDATED: 28 February 2023