Checking account balances and available funds

Use the Pitney Bowes online portal to view account balances online, including funds available for postage downloads.
Sign in to Your Account online to view the account balance of any account or available funds in your postage account. 
  1. Sign In to the Pitney Bowes Your Account portal.
  2. Select Billing & Financials and click Summary of Accounts
  3. A consolidated balance for each account type appears.
viewing your account balances
  • For more information on any field, hover over the question mark icon.
  • For Purchase Power accounts the total available credit shows your available funds that can be downloaded for postage and shipping.
  • For PrePay accounts check the available funds field to see the total amount available to download for postage and shipping.

If you need additional funds, please make a payment by setting up the account on Direct Debit or make a Bank Transfer.

UPDATED: 22 March 2024