Checking an Account Balance

Use the Pitney Bowes online portal to view account balances online, including funds available for postage downloads.
Follow the step by step instructions below to check the account balance/account status; 
  1. Sign In to the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal.
  2. From the Your Financials section select Invoices against an account type to review
  3. View the Amount due for the desired account
  • ​​​​​​A minus against an account balance represents a credit on the account.
  • Available Funds or Available Credit will represent funds available for postage downloads. 
If additional funds are required, make a payment by setting up the account on Direct Debit or make a Bank Transfer.

Helpful Tips 

  • Accounts with a service suspension will display a notification beneath the account number dropdown. 
  • If you have multiple accounts use the dropdown to view an individual account.
  • Use the navigation bar on the left to view different account types. 
  • Hover over the question mark icon for more information on a specific field. 


UPDATED: 10 March 2022