Material specifications for the SendPro C, SendPro+

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Products affected: SendPro® C, SendPro®+ (2H20)

Review the material specifications including the minimum and maximum envelope sizes, envelope stack height and tape size details.

Envelope Size

  • Minimum: 76 x 120 mm
  • Maximum: 330 x 381 mm

Envelope Flap Depth

  • 72.2 mm

Envelope Thickness

  • Minimum: 0.20 mm
  • Maximum: 8 mm

Stack Height for Mail

  • 76.2 mm – this is the height of the inner edge of the side guide

Envelope Weight

  • Minimum: 1 g
  • Maximum: 450 g

Tape Size

  • Minimum: 44.2 x 100 mm
  • Maximum: 44.7 x 200 mm


For a proper seal, the envelope’s minimum flap angle must meet the following criteria:

  • For envelopes with a flap length from 25-60 mm, the minimum flap angle is 18 degrees.
  • For envelopes with a flap length greater than 60 mm to the maximum flap length for the particular model, the minimum flap angle is 21 degrees.


UPDATED: 07 July 2021