Adding or updating a purchase order number

Information on adding or updating purchase order numbers to your account.

Learn how to provide a purchase order number for supplies or recurring invoices or update a purchase order on an existing invoice. Ensure to provide a purchase order number before your invoice is generated, failure to do so may result in fees or a hold being applied to your account. 

Adding a purchase order to supplies invoices 

To add a  Purchase order number on a supplies invoice, please advise us of this when placing your order. If ordering online, you can add the purchase order number before confirming the order.

Adding a purchase order to recurring invoices

To add a recurring purchase order number against invoices such as postage, rentals, or lease transactions, please chat with us. Recurring purchase order numbers will remain on the account and invoices until we are notified of any changes.

Updating an incorrect purchase order on an invoice

To have an invoice re-issued with an updated purchase order number, please chat with us.

UPDATED: 13 December 2023