Locate a Missing Payment

Use Your Account online portal to confirm a payment has been allocated.
  1. Review your bank activity and verify the date the payment was taken from your account. 
IMPORTANT: A bank transfer can take between 3-5 working days to allocate to your account. It is not considered missing until after this time frame has passed.
  1. If your payment has been taken outside of the allocation time frame, use the below table to identify the Pitney Bowes account type to which the payment was made.    
Account Type
Sort Code
Account Number 
Purchase Power
GB 37 CHAS 6092 4210 0112 42
Pitney Bowes Prepay
GB 37 CHAS 6092 4210 0112 42
Pitney Bowes Finance
GB 76 CHAS 6092 4216 2283 37
Pitney Bowes Ltd
GB 10 CHAS 6092 4210 0112 43
Postage By Phone20-37-0690792950GB 23 BARC 2037 0690 7929 50
    1. Sign in to the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal.
    2. From the Your Financials section select the Invoices button for the account type identified in Step 2
    3. Confirm if the payment has applied to the account.
    4. If you are unable to confirm the payment was posted or it needs to be reallocated, you will need to create a case online .

    To help us resolve your query more efficiently, please include the following details in the case. 

    • The date the payment was made.
    • The value of the payment.
    • The bank details the payment was made to.
    • Proof of payment (Remittance/ Bank Statement).
    Once the request is successfully submitted, we will send an email confirmation which will include your case number and the estimated response time. 

    UPDATED: 22 July 2022