ValueMax explained

An explanation of the Pitney Bowes Valuemax program for leased equipment.
Valuemax is a repair or replacement service for leased equipment. This program will cover the equipment against loss or damage in such events as fire, flood, and theft.  

ValueMax Explained 

ValueMax is our product replacement program for your leased equipment and a waiver by us of your obligation to insure. Under the program, we assume the risk of loss in the event the equipment is lost stolen or damaged.

Imoprtant: ValueMax does not apply if loss or damage is a result of normal wear and tear, negligence, or misconduct.

Benefits of ValueMax 

  • We aim to replace your equipment within 20 working days.
  • There is no minimum-loss size and no excess regardless of the repairs or replacements necessary.

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ValueMax enrolment 

To enroll in the ValueMAX program, no action is required, the fee will automatically be included in your future lease payments, starting on your second invoice. Your continued payments to us will confirm your ongoing participation in the program.

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Opting out of ValueMax

You are under no obligation to accept ValueMAX. To opt out of the ValueMax program, provide us with evidence of a comprehensive insurance policy under which the equipment is covered to its full replacement value, within 30 days of signing your lease. To submit a request to opt-out of ValueMax complete the Proof of Insurance form

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Make a ValueMax claim 

To make a claim under the ValueMax program,  you will need to create a case through the online portal. Once successfully submitted a Case Number will be displayed, you will also be sent an email confirmation with this information.  A representative will be assigned to your case and will assist with completing your request.

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UPDATED: 22 February 2024