Requesting Refund of a Credit Balance

Requesting a refund for accounts in credit due to overpayments, unused postage refunds or credit notes.

Refund requests can only be processed for accounts that hold a credit balance. To review an account balance from the Your Financials dashboard on the home screen follow the steps below. 


Checking account balances Online 

1.    Sign in to the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal.
2.    View the Total Amount Due from Your Financials dashboard for the desired account type.
3.    Use the Invoices button to view balances against individual account types


  •   A minus against an account balance will represent a credit on the account.
  •   If you have multiple accounts against any account type the amount due will be a combined total. Use the dropdown button to see individual accounts. 

If an account shows a credit balance, a Refund can then be requested.

Requesting a refund 

1.    Sign in to the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal.
2.    Select Create a New Case by expanding the Support & Cases dropdown from the top navigation bar.
3.    Choose Financial Support>Payment
4.    Complete the form and Submit to create your case. 

To help us resolve your case more efficiently please provide your bank account details including bank name, sort code, and account number when submitting your case. 

UPDATED: 15 December 2021

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