Returning a Replacement Meter

This article will cover how to return a recently upgraded or faulty machine,including how to receive a refund for any unsued postage.
If you have recently received a replacement meter for a faulty or upgraded machine, follow the steps below to ensure the old machine is returned and any unused postage is refunded.

Returning a meter

Engineer installed machine: For any machine installed by a Pitney Bowes Engineer, the technician will arrange the return of the machine, any unused postage will be refunded to the postage account within 10 working days. 

Self-install machine: To return a self-install machine, an email will be sent by us with a link to a UPS portal to arrange pick up. We will transfer any outstanding postage from the machine, back to the postage account as soon as it arrives in our returns centre.
If the email to arrange collection has not been received or any assistance is required relating to returning a meter, you can create a case
  • To arrange a driver to collect a machine select the option UPS-On Call Pickup within the UPS collection portal which will be provided via email.
Note: The View/Print label option is for drop off requests to a UPS access point only.
  • For updates on booked return orders contact UPS directly, on 0845 1610015. 
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Refunding unused postage

Refunds will only be received once a machine has been returned, and the funds have been withdrawn from the machine. Unused postage will always be refunded back to the postage account, ready to be downloaded onto the new machine.


  • Engineer Install Machine: A Pitney Bowes technician will transfer any unused postage from the old machine back to the postage account when they are on site. If they are unable to do this, unused funds will be transferred to your Pitney Bowes account within 10 working days, following the return of the meter. 
  • Self-Install Machine: Once a machine has been returned any remaining unused postage will be refunded to the postage account within 10 working days of us receiving the machine.


Checking the refund was received

Unused postage refunds will reflect in your online account once completed, follow the steps below to confirm it has been received.
  1. Sign in to the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal.
  2. Select the Invoices button from the Your Financials dashboard for the desired account type.
  3. Use the Invoices button to view balances against individual account types.

If you are unable to locate the postage refund within the online portal, use the Let's Chat button below to connect with a Pitney Bowes representative. 

UPDATED: 22 July 2022