Troubleshoot Accessing a Copy Invoice Online

Troubleshoot reasons why an invoice may not be found online.

Prepay Direct Debit invoice not online

Prepay invoices generate monthly, any Direct Debits or transactions that have occurred since your last invoice, will reflect on the next monthly invoice. 
Tip 💡: Items since your last invoice will display in the Transactions tab. Select PrePay from the left navigation bar to view this.

Invoice is greater than 18 Months

Statements greater than 18 months are not available through the online portal. 

Tip 💡: The date filter will default to the last 90 days. 

Use the chat icon below to connect with a representative to request a copy. 

The Account is not linked to the Online Profile 

Invoices will not be available online if the account has not been added to your online profile.
  1.  View all associated accounts within your online portal by accessing Manage Accounts.
  2.  If you do not see the required account number, select Add an Account Number at the top of the Manage Accounts section.


UPDATED: 30 May 2023