Running the Device Hub Auto Update Functionality for Windows

Running the Auto Update Functionality for Device Hub on your Windows computer.
Products affected: SendPro®

When a new version of Device Hub software is available to download, you will receive a pop-up on your Windows computer.

  1. To ensure that you are running to most up to date software for Device Hub, click OK.

  1. Wait a few minutes as the new version of Device Hub is loaded onto your system.
  2. Click OK. Your Device Hub software will restart.
  3. Notification of the updated software will appear in a pop-up on your system. Your Device Hub is now successfully updated and is running up to date software.

Note: The Device Hub Auto Update pop-up will appear every 24 hours as default. If this notification is ignored three times (three days) then a mandatory update will automatically run to update your software.

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UPDATED: 23 September 2022