"Envelope not detected" message on the DM60

Check for jammed material, feed mail towards the right and rear of the franking machine to resolve the Envelope Not Detected message.
Products affected: DM60™ (K722)


The message Envelope not detected appears and the franking machine will not print.


This message can appear because:

  • You are not feeding the envelope far enough to the rear and the right of your franking machine.
  • Paper or paper clips can jam in the franking machine.
  • A sensor may be at fault.


  1. Ensure you feed the mailpiece against the rear wall of your franking machine and then fully over to the right. This allows the sensor to detect the mailpiece.
  2. Turn off the franking machine by removing the power lead from the back.
  3. Once the display is off, open the top cover.
    top cover open
  4. If you are installing the franking machine, make sure you remove any yellow or blue packing and shipping tape from inside the franking machine.
  5. Check for any obstructions in the franking machine such as a paper jam or a paperclip etc.
  6. There is a square metal plate located on the right hand side with a crease running down the centre. Gently press down on the square metal plate inside the franking machine several times to ensure that it is not obstructed.
    Registration plate
  7. Close the top cover and replace the power lead.
  8. Test again by feeding the mailpiece.


UPDATED: 14 July 2023