Sending post using international rates on the DM60

Use Royal Mail's International service to mail items outside the UK.
Products affected: DM60™ (K722)

Due to postal requirements, only personal correspondence can be processed for international on your franking machine. To send any other correspondence you can use PitneyShip Pro. To find out about PitneyShip Pro see related topics below.

Use this process to send personal correspondence on your franking machine from the United Kingdom to a different country.

Important: Remember that Royal Mail International Standard items require:

  • An AIR MAIL sticker or
  • Write BY AIR MAIL — PAR AVION in the top left corner on the front of the mailpiece.

The exception is items posted in Northern Ireland that are bound for the Republic of Ireland.

  1. Press Class.
  2. When Select Carrier 1.Royal Mail appears, press Enter/yes.
  3. Press Review Down to scroll through the options.
  4. Select the required International service.
  5. Select the required size.
  6. You return to the Home screen automatically once you select all the desired options. Feed the envelope into the franking machine.
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UPDATED: 23 October 2023