Adding an account on the DM60

Add accounts, using the optional accounting feature, to track your postage costs by account categories. Common account categories include departments, people, locations and projects.
Products affected: DM60™ (K722)

You can use the Accounting feature to track the postage that departments or individuals within your company use.

  1. Press Menu/Options.
  2. Use the Review keys to scroll to Use accounting functions.
  3. Press Enter/yes.
  4. Use the Review keys to scroll to Create an account.
  5. Press Enter/yes.
  6. Enter the name of this account and press Enter/yes.
    The name can be up to 14 alpha-numeric characters long. To access alpha characters, tap the appropriate number key until the character appears.
  7. (Optional) You can assign a four digit password to this account. Enter the password.
  8.  Press Enter/yes.
  9. Re-enter the password to confirm.
  10. Follow the prompts to either add another account, stay in the Accounting menu, or return to the Home screen.

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UPDATED: 03 January 2023