“Waste Tank Full” or “Waste Tank Near Full” message on the DM110i, DM160i and DM220i

Reset the waste tank counter to clear the message Waste Tank Nearly Full or Waste Tank Full.
Products affected: DM110i™, DM160i™, DM220i™ (PR20)


The message "Waste Tank Full” or “Waste Tank Near Full” appears and the franking machine may not print.


Excess ink from when the franking machine cleans the printhead and from heavy use will eventually fill the ink waste tank in the franking machine.

  • When the ink waste tank nears capacity, the message Waste Tank Near Full appears.
  • When the ink waste tank reaches full capacity, the message Waste Tank Full appears.


Watch this video or follow the instructions below to learn how to clear the error if the waste pad is not fully covered with ink.

If the Waste Tank Nearly Full message appears, select Continue. You return you to the Home screen. You can continue printing mail.

If the message Waste Tank Full message appears, check the Waste Tank to determine if it needs replacing before clearing the error.

  1. Remove the ink tray from the right side of the franking machine.
    Remove waste tray
  2. Check that the waste foam contains less than 50% ink. If this is the case, flip the waste foam 180 degrees so the white side of the foam is facing upwards. If the waste foam contains more than 50% ink, leave the waste foam in place. You can clear the message to continue using your franking machine. However, once you clear the message you will need to contact Technical Support to order a replacement waste foam.
  3. Replace the ink tray into the machine.
    Remove then replace the waste foam
  4. Press Options.
  5. Press Page Down twice.
  6. Select Advanced Features.
  7. Select Maintenance Mode.
  8. Select Printer Maintenance.
  9. Press Page Down.
  10. Select Reset Waste Tank.
  11. Press Yes/Enter when Reset the Waste Ink Tank flag appears.
  12. Enter the code 9287.
  13. Select Continue.
  14. Select Press to Restart when Waste Ink Tank Flag is Reset appears.
  15. Wait a few minutes while the franking machine initialises. You return to the Home screen.

UPDATED: 15 June 2023