Replacing the ink cartridge on the DM300M-DM400M

Replace the ink cartridge when the low ink warning appears to ensure your franking machine is in optimal working condition.
Products affected: DM300M™, DM400M™ (G922, RG922, G922A, SG922, RG9224, RG922M, RG9224M)

When your ink supply is low or exhausted, your franking machine gives either a Low Ink message or Ink Out message. You need to replace the ink cartridge when you see one of these warnings.

The actual ink usage varies and depends on whether you print envelope messages, how many pieces of mail you print and other factors.

  • Low Ink warning - Replace the ink tank soon. The system can print approximately 300 more impressions. Replace the ink tank as soon as possible to avoid running out of ink.
  • Ink Out warning - Replace the ink tank immediately. The ink supply is exhausted and the system will not print.
  • No Ink Tank message - If a new postal approved ink cartridge has been installed and this message appears, visit the Pitney Bowes Supplies website for a replacement cartridge.

Follow these steps to replace your ink cartridge:

  1. If you have a scale, lift it up and remove it from the top of the franking machine.
  2. Open the ink tank access cover.
  3. Select Replace Ink Tank.
  4. When Install Ink Tank / Print Head appears, unlock the green ink tank cartridge guard.
    Open the ink cartridge latch
  5. Lift and remove old ink cartridge.
    Remove the ink cartridge
  6. Remove the tape from the bottom of the new ink cartridge.
  7. Lower the ink tank into the cavity. The ridges on either side of the cartridge slide into the grooves.
  8. Close the green ink cartridge guard. It clicks when fully closed.
    Install the new ink cartridge and close the latch
  9. Close the cover. The system automatically recognizes the new cartridge.
  10. When the system prompts to print a test pattern, select one of the following options:
    1. To print a test pattern, select Yes, Print Test Pattern.
    2. To skip printing a test pattern and return to the Home screen, select No.
  11. If you removed a scale, place it back on top of the franking machine.
  12. Press Normal Preset to return to your default settings.

If you need ink, order a postal approved replacement ink cartridge.

UPDATED: 17 June 2024