Poor print quality on the DM300M-DM475

Perform a purge if there is an issue with the print quality on your franking machine.
Products affected: DM300M™, DM400M™, DM475™ (G922, RG9224M, SG922, RG9224)


The franking machine does not print the blue frank well or at all. The printed frank may be blurred, fuzzy, or have streaks.


There is a problem with the printhead or the ink cartridge.


Watch this video, or follow the instructions below, to troubleshoot printing issues.

  1. Press Options.
  2. Press Page Down twice.
  3. Select Maintenance.
  4. Select Printer Maintenance.
  5. Select Clean Printer Nozzle.
  6. Select Purge C as the option to purge the franking machine.
  7. Cleaning Complete appears when the purge is complete. Select Print Test Pattern?
    • If the print pattern looks good (not blurry and without broken lines), press Home to return to the Home screen.
    • If the pattern has broken or missing lines or looks poor, select Another Purge to repeat the purge.

UPDATED: 15 June 2023