Jamming issues on the DM400M

Ensure that your mailing material meets specifications and check your franking machine to remove dust and debris to resolve jamming issues.
Products affected: DM400M™ (G922, RG922, G922A, SG922, RG9224, RG922M, RG9224M),


Mailpieces enter the franking machine and get stuck or stopped before exiting.


There are several possible reasons for jamming issues:

  • The sealing lever may be in the wrong position.
  • The mailpiece may not be in specification for this franking machine.
  • A sensor may be dirty or covered.
  • A part may be worn or faulty.


Check that your material is within specification - see the material specifications section in the DM300M, DM400M Operator Guide.

If you do not wish to seal envelopes, make sure the sealer lever is switched to the off (right) position:
DM400M and DM475

To clear a jammed mailpiece:

  1. Removing the power lead from the rear of the franking machine.
  2. Lift the feeder cover.
  3. Open the blue jam release (there are 2 blue jam releases on the DM475).
    Lift the blue jam release lever
  4. Remove any mailpieces in the feeder.
  5. Turn the jam release knob clockwise.
    move clearance lever clockwise
  6. Remove any mailpieces stuck in the franking machine.
  7. Check that the seal lever is in the correct position.
  8. Using a can of non-flammable canned air, and working left to right, blow onto the feed deck that the envelopes travel on, ensuring you remove all dust and debris.
  9. Close the jam release knob and blue jam release lever(s).
  10. Close the feeder cover.
  11. Replace the power lead to restart the franking machine.

UPDATED: 14 June 2024