Customizing a Kiosk layout in Smart Access Management

Customize a Kiosk layout to apply your preferences for kiosk screens.
Products Affected: Smart Access Management®

Customize a Kiosk layout to apply your preferences for kiosk screens.

Switch between the General Preferences and Welcome Screen tabs to customize the look and feel of your tablet.

Use the Kiosk Preview to help build your layout.
Kiosk preview

  1. Click Settings > Kiosk Layout.
  2. Select the location in the Location menu.
  3. Click General Preferences.
    General preferences or Welcome screen
  4. Click Browse to import a logo to appear on the welcome page, screen headers and visitor labels, if applicable.
    • The logo's recommended height is 250 pixels.
    • File extensions allowed are png, pjp, jpg, pjpg, jfif, gif and jpeg.
    • The maximum upload file size is 5 MB.
  5. Click Enable Header and Enable Footer to add a header and footer to your layout.
  6. Add the text you want for your header and footer in the Header Text and Footer Text fields.
  7. Click Field Title Colour to set the field title colour for all subsequent screens.
  8. Click Welcome Screen.
  9. Click the Logo + Message radio button to add a logo and message to the welcome screen on your tablet. Alternatively, click the Message Only radio button to just add a message.
  10. Add the text you want for the welcome message in the Welcome Message Text field.
  11. Click Welcome Screen Background Colour to set the welcome page colour and for subsequent screens.
  12. Click Save changes to confirm the layout.

UPDATED: 26 March 2024