Using Differential Weighing on the SendPro C Auto

Use Differential Weighing to calculate the correct weight and price as you remove and print each mailpiece.
Products affected: SendPro® C Auto (7H20A, R7H20A, R7H20AM)

You can use Differential Weighing to process mixed weight mail more efficiently. Your device calculates the correct weight and price as you remove each mailpiece from the scale.

For large envelopes or parcels, use Differential Weighing to print a tape every time you remove a mailpiece from the scale.

  1. Tap Envelope Printing on the Home screen.
  2. Tap Weight.
    Weight button
  3. Tap Differential.
    Differential Weighing option
  4. Tap Apply.
  5. Place all the mail on the scale.
  6. Tap Class.
  7. Select Start Over to show the class options.
  8. Tap the class you want.
  9. Select special services, if required.
  10. Tap Apply.
  11. Remove a mailpiece from the scale. Place the mailpiece on the feed deck. Tap Start. The device then prints the postage. Alternatively, tap Tape to print a tape.
  12. Continue removing mail from the scale until you reach the last mailpiece. When you remove the last mailpiece, the device asks you if you want to print postage for the last item removed. Tap Yes if the item is a mailpiece. Alternatively, tap No, not a mailpiece.
    Differential weighing last mailpiece
  13. If necessary, insert the mailpiece into the device, then tap Start. Alternatively, tap Tape. The device then prints the postage.

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UPDATED: 06 April 2023