Checking for updates in DeviceHub for Windows in Sendpro Online

Running the Auto Update Functionality for Device Hub on your Windows computer.
Products affected: SendPro®

You can check if a new version of DeviceHub software is available to download.

  1. Right click on the system tray DeviceHub icon on your PC.
  2. Select Check for update.
  3. If a new version of DeviceHub is available a pop up will appear asking if you want to update? Click OK.
    Update DeviceHub
  4. Wait a few minutes as the new version of DeviceHub is loaded onto your system.
    Updates are in progress
  5. Click OK. Your DeviceHub software will restart.
    DeviceHub restarting
  6. Notification of the updated software will appear in a pop-up on your system. Your DeviceHub is now successfully updated and is running up to date software.
    Updated software pop up

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UPDATED: 21 April 2023