Smart Access Management Release Notes version 1.65.0 (13 September 2023)

Smart Access Management Release Notes for version 1.65.0 (13 September 2023)
Products Affected: Smart Access Management®

New Features & Enhancements

Added Evacuation Order and Evacuation History features

An emergency evacuation order can be created to account for currently signed in staff and visitors. When an evacuation order starts, all signed in visitors and staff will be alerted by email.

When an evacuation order ends, a CSV report is automatically created and saved for review for up to 7 days.

Starting an evacuation order will not change the status (e.g. signed in or signed out) of the visitor / staff.

Added ability to request new documents for visitors in Data Management

The Data Management page can be used to request new / revised documents from a visitor. An email will be sent to the visitor requesting that they submit new / revised documents.

Pre-registration documents are now visible in Data Management

Documents requested from pre-registered visitors are now visible in the Data Management page.

Pre-registration date selection filters have been updated

When pre-registering a visitor, the calendar now allows only future dates to be selected. The default expected date is now set to today.

Default date selection is set as "Today".

Pre-registrations are now sorted by “Visit date” instead of “Last update”.

Issues Fixed

Visitor History Export was not exporting field titles containing special characters like #.

This has been resolved with a backend code fix.

When adding a new site in "Access sites", some encrypted message was appearing in the "Sign Out Message" dialog box.

This has been resolved with a frontend code fix.

In the Address Book, "Required for International" was displayed unexpectedly.

This has been resolved with a frontend code fix.

In the Address book, the “Country code” field was incorrectly forcing input for imported records.

The Country code is not mandatory unless a phone number is added. It is fixed now, when any import contact is edited. It can be saved without the Country code as well.

The Access Queue dashboard widget was not refreshing automatically.

This has been resolved with a backend code fix.

UPDATED: 03 October 2023