Smart Access Management Release Notes version 1.70.0 (1 December 2023)

Smart Access Management Release Notes for version 1.70.0 (1 December 2023)
Products Affected: Smart Access Management®

New Features & Enhancements

First name and last name fields have been combined into a single full name field

Previously, a visitor’s first and last names could be captured using separate fields. Now, the visitor’s full name is captured in a single field.

Any existing workflows which captured the visitor’s last name may need to be reconfigured. For example, the field title may need to be changed from Please enter your first name to Please enter your name.

Information about uploaded documents is now exportable

Data exported from the Data Management screen now includes information about documents uploaded by visitors, for example:

  • Document Name.
  • Document Status.
  • Upload Date.
  • Expiry Date.
  • Actioned On.
  • Actioned By.

Improvements to health & safety instruction fields

For workflows containing Instruction Upload or Non-Disclosure Agreement fields, a response is now mandatory to ensure that the visitor’s acceptance is captured.

Added the ability to download accepted / approved health and safety documents

If a visitor accepts or approves a health and safety instruction document (e.g. a non-disclosure agreement), a copy of the document can now be downloaded from within the Visitor Activity screen.

Issues Fixed

Improved handling for file names containing unsupported special characters

This has been resolved with a frontend code fix. Added error and informational messages on Admin UI for all uploaded documents and kiosk logo image.

Contactless - Returning visitors whose documents are approved were not visible in the Visitor Activity screen

This has been resolved with a frontend code fix. Now any returning visitor whose documents are already approved will be shown in the Visitor Activity screen.

The contactless sign-out function was not working correctly for visitors who had previously been automatically signed out

This has been resolved with a frontend code fix. A message saying Visitor is already signed out is now displayed to clarify the visitor’s status.

Returning visitors were not visible from the website and emails were not sent

This has been resolved with a frontend code fix. Now returning visitors will be displayed on the dashboard and the Visitor Activity screens and emails will also be sent.

UPDATED: 12 February 2024