Finding the Product Code Number (PCN) and serial number on the SendPro Mailstation

Look on your mailing system to find the serial number and Product Code Number (PCN).
Products affected: SendPro® Mailstation HZ20, SendPro® Mailstation HW20

Your meter’s serial number and Product Code Number (PCN) can be found on a silver sticker on your mailing system. The features available for use on your system are dictated by your product's PCN. It is important that you know your product's PCN when accessing support.

  • Product Code Number (PCN), the meter model identifying number.
    Usually referred to as the "PCN #" on the silver stickers.

  • Serial Number, the identification number for your device.
    A 7-digit number also referred to as the S/N on the silver stickers.

To check your product's PCN or Serial Number:

  1. Lift the printer cover and look for the silver sticker.



UPDATED: 31 January 2024