Smart Access Management Release Notes version 1.73.0 (24 January 2024)

Smart Access Management Release Notes for version 1.73.0 (24 January 2024)
Products Affected: Smart Access ManagementĀ®

New Features & Enhancements

Added a notification for uploaded documents

By using the new Admin Visitor Document Uploaded notification, it is now possible to notify system administrators when new documents have been uploaded.

Enhanced the export function for Visitor Activity

The export function within the Visitor Activity screen now automatically includes any responses captured by the Personal Information section of a visitor sign-in workflow.

Enhanced the sign-in process for pre-registered visitors

Previously a pre-registered visitor was not recognised if signing into the kiosk app using the Sign-In button (they were required to present their QR code instead), now pre-registered visitors can sign in using either method.

Changed the kiosk app icon

The kiosk app icon has changed to align with the Smart Access Management family of apps.

Issues Fixed

Required long text fields were not enforced for staff sign-ins

Long text fields configured as required are now enforced.

Some kiosk app fields were not properly formatted

The kiosk app now displays an improved explanation of Visitor Property fields and Vehicle Registration field inputs now default to uppercase.

UPDATED: 26 January 2024